Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Making a custom field mandatory for a specific project in JIRA

Often we have project teams seeking the addition of custom fields and request that it be mandatory for only their project. These projects essentially share the same JIRA workflow, issue type, field, permission schemes but have different screens to enable display of the new custom fields. Now comes the tricky part - making the custom field mandatory would start throwing up errors while creating issues in the screens where they are not even available -

Error while attempting to create an issue in a different project

I checked out discussions on the subject in Atlassian Community but most answers suggested having a different field configuration altogether. This was not really an option in my case - didn't want to add clutter. That's when I came across an option in the custom field configuration that allowed specifying the projects to which a custom field needs to be available -

Choose applicable context for the Custom Field
This resolved our issue entirely and we are now able to add custom fields and make them mandatory for specific JIRA Projects.