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Google Street View in Bangalore

Image via Wikipedia Today is a great day for Indians, especially Bangaloreans! Much awaited Google Street View feature will be available for Bangalore on Google Maps very soon. Google's Street View cars and trikes will be collecting imagery of public locations of Bangalore in the next few weeks. Nrityagram Dance Village is one of the featured places in Google Street View for Bangalore.

Final Episode of Geospatial Revolution Project

PennState Public Broadcasting released the first episode of Geospatial Revolution Project in Sept. 2010. That video highlighted the utility of GPS, second video showed how maps made cities more personal and the third one highlighted the use of digital mapping in Police work. Now the fourth and final episode is live which showcases the utility of geospatial technology in monitoring global climate change, preventing famine, tracking disease and mapping communities. Past Episodes: Episode 1   Episode 2   Episode 3   Related articles Geospatial Revolution Episode 4 is available! ( Indian state approves geospatial bill (

Osama's Compound: How it changed - 2005-2011 > Satellite Image

World's most wanted terrorist Osama's game is over. Internet is abuzz with twitter updates, news and blog articles about the operation and its aftermath. World's leading high resolution satellite image provider GeoEye has released latest satellite image of the compound in which Osama was said to be hiding. Also available is a video of how the compound changed between 2005-2011.