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Perform Spell Checking in Visual Studio

We tend to commit unintentional spelling errors especially while using IDEs like Visual Studio which do not ship with a spell checker. The spelling errors would look bad especially when the errors are made in comments which might find their way into documentation. This limitation can be offset by installing freely available extensions (Tools > Extensions and Updates, switch to Online section in the left pane). One such extension is Visual Studio Spell Checker .  The Visual Studio Spell Checker provides good inputs, just like Microsoft Office.

Take a focused approach when you search for a new job

This is the general route chosen by youngsters when searching for a new job -  Shoot off resumes (sometimes tailored to different companies / roles) Seek referrals (sometimes from random strangers at LinkedIn) Start liking and commenting on posts from spammers at LinkedIn Update LinkedIn headline as 'Seeking new opportunities' The first two approaches can be successful in a timely manner but the last two are literally wasted time. Another phenomenon that is often relied upon by many is Job Shopping . I made an attempt to underline the importance of focused efforts when it comes to job search. Check out my first post at LinkedIn -  Job Shopping or Job Searching? Which is better for your Career?