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Showing posts from October, 2012

A first look at New, Modern and Fast GeoMedia 2013

Since 2011 Hexagon Conference ( news link ), the news of new revamped GeoMedia product is being heard everywhere. It was then announced that the product would be out by end of 2012. And that day is fast approaching! As promised earlier, Intergraph is on the way to release its flagship product by the end of this year in December. After acquisition of ERDAS and Intergraph by Hexagon many good things have happened. Intergraph was always seen proudly proclaiming about the benefits of having two great products from the same vendor. Synergy series webinars hosted last year showcased what things are in store for customers using both the products. ( Read how ERDAS Imagine and GeoMedia are live linked). This post takes you around GeoMedia 2013 and describes what great things are enroute.

RailRadar: Spot your train on Google Maps in India

Indian Railways Center for Railway Information System (CRIS) and have jointly launched RailRadar for tracking Indian trains. RailRadar enables users to track moving trains in near-real time (the information is delayed by 5 or more minutes). Till recently train running information was available to a user in textual format - a user enters train name/number and the system provides appropriate information like next stoppage, estimated arrival time etc. With RailRadar all this is set to change. A user is presented with ubiquitous Google Maps showing trains running across the nation. Hence this is a giant leap by Indian Railways in terms of usability!