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Resolving INS-20802: Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed error on Windows 10

I was all excited about the migration to Windows 10 until I had to install Oracle client on it. The Oracle client installation used to fail miserably at the last stage with this error named INS-20802.

Guide to e-file the Income Tax Returns - verifying using EVC, the Electronic Verification Code

Indians who file Income Tax Returns online would know that the filing process involved two steps -  e-Filing the returns Posting the ITR-V form to CPC, Bengaluru by Post Everyone including Income Tax department wanted to get rid of the second step due to multiple reasons, the prime one being tax payers missing out the sending part! Multiple modes were being talked about and finally this year it has materialized. This year onward, taxpayers who e-file the returns need not send ITR-V by post but are required to electronically verify the returns using an EVC (Electronic Verification Code).