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ArcGIS 10 - My big question for esri

Good news! ArcGIS 10 is released now and available for download (Conditions apply!)! As a student I have always striven to keep in touch with the latest software in the domain of GIS, office suite, open source software and so on. Almost all the software vendors have a very liberal policy regarding their software at least for testing purposes. It may be ERDAS, Microsoft, FME and so on. All these companies are ready to provide a beta/trial release for free to any user. They insist on registering, which is good, as they can keep track of number of downloads etc. This way I have used ERDAS Imagine 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 beta, FME Desktop 2010(still using) and many more.

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - Kang-Tsung Chang

This time I have decided to write something new. Its a book review now. In this post I am writing about the book, "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems", fourth edition by Kang-tsung Chang. I have used this book as my reference book throughout my first year of M.Tech study. The book covers each and every aspect of GIS in great detail and in a very sequential manner. The author's simple way of explaining the concepts impressed me a lot. Whatever be the topic you want to understand in the GIS domain, its a good book to begin with. The book explains almost everything. Coordinate systems are explained in the beginning followed by georelational and object-based vector data models. Topics like data input, attribute data input and management are dealt in great detail. The chapters which I liked the most were terrain mapping and analysis, and geocoding and dynamic segmentation.