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Election Commission of India makes finding Polling Stations easier with GIS

Voting was never as easy as it has been during Indian General Elections 2014. Technology has been introduced at every stage to enable voters to exercise their voting right with ease. Telephone (mainly SMS) and internet based solutions are being widely used this time. Internet giants like Google have also contributed in their own way. Eg. Google India's  Know your Candidate initiative.

SBI does what BSNL did on Twitter: My Observations on @TheOfficialSBI

Update 07 April 2014 @ TheOfficialSBI sent me this update through twitter today. Therefore it can be concluded that @SBIConnex was some fake twitter handle managed by someone! @gischethans Dear sir, @TheOfficialSBI is the only official Twitter handle launched by SBI on Dt.04/04/2014 — TheOfficialSBI (@TheOfficialSBI) April 7, 2014 Original Post Everyone here might agree if I say Indian PSU brands do not know how to leverage the power of social media. The latest entrant in the block is SBI, India's largest bank. SBI had joined twitter way back in March 2010 (as  @SBIConnex ) and now they have rejoined under a new name ( @TheOfficialSBI ).