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Resolving INS-20802: Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed error on Windows 10

I was all excited about the migration to Windows 10 until I had to install Oracle client on it. The Oracle client installation used to fail miserably at the last stage with this error named INS-20802.

As with several Oracle error messages, the details were hardly of any use and no clear understanding was possible even after examining the error log. Googling for the error led me to several forum posts but most of them didn't have the right solution - most answer seekers were meeting with dead ends.

I tried several methods for resolving the issue - 
  1. Disabling Windows UAC
  2. Disabling firewall
  3. Disabling antivirus - mine was a fresh VM, so disabled Windows Defender
  4. Adding localhost IP i.e., to the hosts file etc.
but none of them helped.

At last I found this which suggested installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) and this solved the problem in a matter of seconds! I just had to click 'Retry' on the installation dialog.


  1. Muchas gracias, definitivamente la instlación del paquete redistribuible de Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 (x86) me hacia falta!

  2. This C++ Package did the trick for me as well. Worked Like a charm.

    Also I had not attempted below update. Directly installed the Redistribution package.
    Disabling Windows UAC
    Disabling firewall
    Disabling antivirus - mine was a fresh VM, so disabled Windows Defender
    Adding localhost IP i.e., to the hosts file etc.

  3. I have tried the same way which described the above . But the same error remain. could you help on this ?

  4. Thanks a lot! it helped me to resolve the issue.

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing. It helped.

  6. its not working for me
    configuration is still failed

  7. Replies
    1. Still I have same error on database configuration assistant while creating and starting oracle instance

  8. Bonjour (je suis Français alors je ne parle que français ;-) ).
    Merci beaucoup pour la solution. Parfait.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Just ensure your system is on LAN with valid IP address

    2. Can you send me a new download link for the C++ package ? Because the one in the article doesnt work anymore. Thanks you !

  9. I was stuck whit the same problem, I google it and the correct answer it´s the one you post. Dude, THAAAANKSSSSS!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much, it worked!


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