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GIS Cloud Adopts HTML5

Image via CrunchBase With every modern web browser supporting HTML5 , its adoption in online mapping is on the rise. GIS Cloud who started off with flash based map rendering, have switched to HTML5 as their default map engine earlier this week. GIS Cloud regards HTML5 as ideal for map rendering: HTML5 is great for mapping not only because it can render maps very quickly, but also because it is a standard. It works on the desktop, on the web, on smartphones and on tablets which means your GIS can work on those devices as well! No need to build native apps for each of those platforms, with HTML5 you get high performance right from the browser.

Ushahidi for Mapping 3G and Wi-Fi in India

Telecomtalk which has been in the forefront in providing news from Indian telecom industry, last week launched a new website TelecomMap . The site helps users to map 3G and Wi-Fi networks in India. TelecomMap uses Ushahidi , a leading open source solution for information crowdsourcing.

Have GIS Questions? Here are the places to get reliable answers!

When I was studying for my Master's in GIS I used to get a whole lot of questions on software usage and technical concepts. Like any other student I used to rely on Google Search to search for answers. In the meantime I used to bump into several forums, mailing lists where one can find answers to large variety of questions. Sensing that this would be the scenario with every student, with this article I am making an attempt to provide web-links to few forums where one can get reliable answers to GIS questions.