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Showing posts from October, 2011

Want ArcGIS for Linux? Vote for it!

In the recent years, we have seen several proprietary software being ported to Linux, probably based on user demand. Few big names which have a Linux version include Mathworks MATLAB, Autodesk Maya, CATIA etc. Geospatial software vendors too did not stay behind. We have ArcGIS Server, Geomatica and FME Desktop to name a few. This being the situation, there has been always a wish in the minds of geospatial community, particularly amongst the Linux fans, that ArcGIS must come to Linux. This never happened. But now there is a small hope.

Has ISRO Bhuvan Improved over two years?

Prior to its launch in 2009, ISRO Bhuvan was always touted by media as India's answer to Google Earth. Like many others I was very much excited about it and made it a point to check it out right on the first day. Needless to say the excitement did not last long and I chose Google Earth over Bhuvan. Today I decided to have a look at Bhuvan to see if things have improved over this long time of two years.

A First Look at FME 2012 on Linux

Safe Software recently announced their plans to deprecate support for 32-bit Linux from FME 2012 release. At the same time I was looking to try out something new. This post is a result of that thought. Being a Linux user I decided to try out the 64-bit beta version of FME 2012 on my Ubuntu 11.10 which again is in beta stage! Download and Installation The download was in the form of .run file of size 330.5 MB. Installation procedure was simple.

Native 64-bit Support by Geomatica and Trimble

The month of September was important for GIS industry with two important GIS events - FOSS4G in Denver and INTERGEO in Nuremberg. Along with the events product launches were also witnessed - Geomatica 2012, Trimble Trident Analyst,  GIS Cloud default HTML5 support etc. All these products boast of robust productivity improvements in their respective realms, most important being native 64-bit support by Geomatica 2012 and Trimble Trident Analyst. Both PCI Geomatics, the makers of Geomatica and Trimble claim improved performance with the support of 64-bit operating systems.