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Online Map of Growing Support for stronger Janlokpal Bill

Over recent days the support for Gandhian Anna Hazare in his movement for a stronger Jan Lokpal Bill is growing in leaps and bounds. People are out in the streets holding peaceful demonstrations/rallies in all parts of India. They are coming out with their families, after their work hours despite of rains in some parts just to support a larger cause of the country. To be honest such kind of activity can not witnessed in India even during general elections. That is Anna effect. Even school going students are said to have derived inspiration from the movement and flock to rally venues. Every Indian town/village is witnessing a vehicular rally/candlelight march each day.

GIS Salary Surveys - Changes over the Years

Recently I came across a salary survey by Geospatial Training Services, LLC directed towards GIS Professionals. This survey coincides with the URISA(Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) salary survey for 2010-11 for IT and GIS Professionals. Such salary surveys enable the youth to take informed decisions while choosing their career paths since they provide insights into the job market and the growth prospects in specific industry. In the GIS industry, the first salary survey was conducted by URISA in 1998 which was soon followed by the next survey in 2000. Best part of these surveys is instead of concentrating on just U.S. or Canada they seek information from all over the world. This article concentrates on the results of 2011 salary survey by Geospatial Training Services, LLC and earlier surveys in 2003 and 2007 conducted by URISA.