Saturday, July 18, 2015

Guide to e-file the Income Tax Returns - verifying using EVC, the Electronic Verification Code

Indians who file Income Tax Returns online would know that the filing process involved two steps - 
  1. e-Filing the returns
  2. Posting the ITR-V form to CPC, Bengaluru by Post

Everyone including Income Tax department wanted to get rid of the second step due to multiple reasons, the prime one being tax payers missing out the sending part! Multiple modes were being talked about and finally this year it has materialized. This year onward, taxpayers who e-file the returns need not send ITR-V by post but are required to electronically verify the returns using an EVC (Electronic Verification Code). 

EVC Generation Modes

Aadhaar Based OTP

This mode is applicable for those who have completed the Aadhaar - PAN linking in the Income Tax e-Filing website. Unfortunately this linking process fails for many Indians who use initials for last name or have abbreviated middle names in Aadhaar card. The linking system uses name as one item for verification and with a mismatch in names in PAN and Aadhaar the process fails. I brought it to the notice of Income Tax Department and later complained at PG Portal but a resolution is still far away! :(

There is also an additional field to add Aadhaar number in the IT Return forms this year. This however does not link PAN and Aadhaar.

Internet Banking EVC

I had to use this mode of e-Filing since the Aadhaar linking failed. The process is simple and straight forward. You need to login to internet banking platform of your bank (list of supported banks) and click the e-Filing link there which takes you to IT Department's e-Filing website. 

Select the appropriate form to e-file, ITR-1 and 4S are available online. For other forms you will have to use either Java or Excel utility which can be downloaded from the website

After you complete filling all the details based on your Form-16, hit submit. Since you would be logged in through internet banking, on clicking e-Verify, the return gets verified and an acknowledgement is displayed. This is also sent to registered email ID.

For already e-Filed Returns

If you file your returns through a third party service provider or have filed before the EVC process was notified you can generate an EVC to verify the return. 

EVC Generation Steps

The Difference

Till Last Year

This Year Onward