Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Interested in UX - Sign up for Stack UX

For the past few days I have been following Q & A on UX aspects at Stack UX. Users there come up with questions on why some design aspects are the way we see it now like  Why doesn't the space bar have anything written on it? Some even ask for best design suggestions. Answers by Professionals suggested historical reasons and more often than not economic factors as well in What was the reason behind total transition towards wide screen displays by the manufacturers?
Some other questions that I found interesting were:
  1. Why are calculator screen digits right-aligned?
  2. Why do idle elevators close the doors?
  3. Why are Inverted Colors considered an accessibility feature?
  4. Why is the mouse cursor slightly tilted and not straight?
Just yesterday I posted my first question there seeking information on the term / principle that can describe this rule enforced by leading web platforms –
  1. LinkedIn shows Who's viewed your Profile only if you enable the feature for your profile
  2. Communications app WhatsApp has a similar setting for last seen and read receipts - "If you don't share your last seen, you won't be able to see other people's last seen"
My question has received two interesting answers so far. At my end I have also signed up for the weekly newsletter and also follow @StackUX on twitter. 

Overall if you are a UX Professional or a casual tech enthusiast interested in UX aspects, Stack UX is the place to go.