Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Microsoft Launches Venue Maps in India: 3 Airports, 120 Shopping Malls Mapped

Microsoft’s Venue Maps have now entered India. Floor layout of three Indian airports and 120 shopping malls across major Indian cities are available. The airports available are BIAL, Bengaluru; CSIA, Mumbai and IGI, Delhi.

BIA, Bengaluru

The directory pane on the left allows the user to sort by businesses and switch to different floor levels. Bing Maps navigation is not as intuitive as the one provided by Google Maps where a user can navigate to different floor levels easily.

I have compared same venue across both the services.


Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad


Bing Maps


Google Maps


Google Maps Indoor View

Google Maps also has features like Indoor photos ‘See Inside’ which provides a value addition over Bing’s layout maps.
For now, Google Maps is a clear winner in the segment. Let's hope the competition warms up and the end user gets more and more features in the coming days.