Monday, January 7, 2013

Map Makers, get Adobe Creative Suite CS2 for free

CS2 Downloads
In what may seem as a user friendly move, an offer targeting budget constrained users, Adobe has started giving its 2005 release, Creative Suite CS2 for free [Download here]. The current version of Adobe Creative Suite in market is CS6. A professional user might not feel this is a nice deal but there are many others, especially in developing countries who wish to have Adobe products but simply can't afford them. This is a blessing for those who use products like Photoshop sparingly and for non-commercial use but wish to use a legitimate product. Despite of having several powerful free alternatives many don't use them as they are probably aren't aware of them or simply want to use a leading application in market.

The CS2 product currently on offer includes much admired Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Version Cue etc.. The most useful amongst these products to a map maker is Illustrator given its ability to handle vector graphics very effectively. GIS Stackexchange attracts lot of questions asking for alternatives to Illustrator on a regular basis for that very reason. So if one doesn't need all that great current features on offer in the latest version, CS2 is the way to go. The product is available for Windows and Mac.

Now that a large corporation Adobe has released its old product for free, can we expect others to follow suit is the question?! Can we expect Geospatial companies to release old products in a similar way?!! If geospatial products become freely available it can certainly benefit non-profits, educational institutions (yes, they get discounts, but there are many who can't afford that price) and volunteers.

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