Monday, May 21, 2012

Publish directly to Cloud with GIS Cloud Publisher

Today leading Cloud GIS solution provider, GIS Cloud has come up with a one-click solution to publish maps to the cloud. This solution GIS Cloud Publisher for ArcMap. Another good news is the extension is free to download and use. As rightly noted by GIS Cloud, publishing maps from desktop has never been so easy - one had to hunt for appropriate map server technologies, upload contents separately, maintain and optimize them for different platforms. 

Image Source: GIS Cloud
GIS Cloud publisher can automatically upload data, symbology, layer structure and spatial references. These are the facilities offered as of now:
  • maps and layers can be created and afterwards updated
  • you can choose which layers to export
  • your upload is secure through an SSL connection
  • all your vector data can be uploaded, regardless of the datasource
  • labels – these end up with a generic look only in GIS Cloud for now
  • point layer symbology support almost at 100%
  • simple line symbols – only solid lines
  • simple fill symbols – only single color fills
  • but! you’re free to use unique value categories or graduated color symbology
So ArcMap users you have two choices now - Esri's own ArcGIS Online and GIS Cloud. Choice brings more competition and hence more features.

Download GIS Cloud Publisher for ArcMap [No registration required]. It's just 600 kb in size.