Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ushahidi for Mapping 3G and Wi-Fi in India

Telecomtalk which has been in the forefront in providing news from Indian telecom industry, last week launched a new website TelecomMap. The site helps users to map 3G and Wi-Fi networks in India. TelecomMap uses Ushahidi, a leading open source solution for information crowdsourcing.

Unlike developed nations, 3G networks are still growing in India. Also the number of 3G users are very less compared to 2G users. As a result users have a lot to say about the coverage and its quality. TelecomMap serves as a platform for this. Users are also free to map Wi-Fi hotspots. It's been five days since the launch of TelecomMap and good number of users are posting reports about networks in their area. There is also a demand to map EVDO networks which the team is actively considering. One major concern with the submitted reports is users fail to provide accurate location information. General information like 3G is present in a particular city like Mumbai is of very little utility, given the areal extent of Mumbai. This fact is frequently brought to the notice of users and the situation is expected to change soon. Once users start submitting detailed reports, TelecomMap will be a major value addition to users seeking 3G connections. For future 3G users there is also the Get Alerts facility with which they can receive alerts if someone maps details in a 20 km area.

How to Submit Reports?
Option 1:
Send tweets with hashtag telecommap in this format: 
For 3G coverage: #telecommap 3G Covered Loc: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. NW: Operator name. Qual: In a scale 1-5
For Wi-Fi: #telecommap WiFi Hotspot available Loc: CV Nagar, Bengaluru NW: Operator name. Qual: In a scale 1-5 

Option 2:
You can use Submit a Report option.  

Option 3:
You can mail exact location details with operator name and quality to

For more information, visit TelecomMap and here are the FAQs.

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