Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quantum GIS 1.7.0 'Wroclaw' Released

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This is yet another great day for FOSS4G admirers. Latest version of Quantum GIS(QGIS) is live, that too with several major improvements over 'Copiapo' release. This gains significance as probably the last public point release in the 1.X series. Hereafter the next major release will be version 2.0. Till the 1.7 will be receiving minor release updates in the form of 1.7.1, 1.7.2 and so on.

This release is named after the town of Wroclaw in Poland.

What's New in this release?
  1. 277 bug fixes with many new features and enhancements.
  2. New symbology will be used by default
  3. Smart placement system for diagram system
  4. Export and import of styles
  5. With regard to labels - 
    1. Labels for rules in rule-based renderers
    2. Map units can be used to set label distance
    3. Advanced label edit tools
  6. New Tools
    1. GUI for gdaldem
    2. Lines to polygons
    3. Field calculator
    4. Voronoi Polygon tool
  7. Allow management of missing layers
  8. Zoom to group of layers
  9. CRS(Coordinate Reference System) features and improvements
    1. Ability to select default CRS to new projects
    2. CRS can be set to multiple layers at once
    3. Recently used CRS list
  10. New options in raster calculator
  11. Much awaited on-the-fly reprojection of rasters is live!
  12. Histogram stretch functions in raster toolbar
and a lot more in these sections: Providers and Data Handling, API and developer centric, QGIS Mapserver, Plugins, Printing.

As a user of 'Wroclaw' in my Ubuntu 11.04 since the 'Nightly' release I can say Quantum GIS has lived upto my expectations and I am glad to have used it for my academic project work.
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