Thursday, April 21, 2011

Google Earth Builder: Power of Cloud

On Wednesday Google announced Google Earth Builder, an enterprise mapping platform powered by Google's cloud. Google Earth Builder is planned for launch in July 2011 but let's know the flexibility and ease it has to offer for users. Google Earth Builder aims to make map making and publishing easy for Governments and Enterprises. Storing and managing spatial data, the crucial parts of geospatial infrastructure is made easy as everything is taken care of by Google's proven cloud infrastructure. It also becomes easy for users to grant access to necessary personnel for the data.
The inherent advantages of signing up for Google Earth Builder include, instant scalability to cater to spikes in user traffic, reduced server costs and ability to control source data and attribution. In addition to this, a user will be working with familiar Google Earth environment which in contrast to specialized Geospatial software is easy to handle. 

Some of the advantages highlighted for Google Earth Builder include:
  1. Ability to process complex geospatial data quickly and efficiently for streamlined viewing of large geospatial data files.
  2. Less investment on data as access to Google's base layer's is readily available.
  3. Creation of custom layers becomes far more easier with intuitive mapping tools.
  4. All time access to data for employees.
  5. Sharing maps
  6. Easy visual analysis
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