Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Georeferencer: Online Georeferencing Tool For Scanned Maps

Georeferencing is the first step of any GIS based analysis or map-making process. Given the importance of Georeferencing, all GIS software packages have wide variety of features/facilities for georeferencing operations. But if you are in a hurry and have no access to such sophisticated applications or if you don't have access to a georeferenced map to carry out this operation then "Georeferencer" can definitely prove to be a boon. Georeferencer provides the unique facility to get georeferencing done online. All that you need to have is a scanned map.

Once you have a scanned map (which can even be found online from various portals), you can click upon the Georeferencer bookmarklet available from Georeferencer homepage which takes you to the georeferencing page. This will possibly find the same map in the website and one can go ahead with georeferencing. In case the image has already been georeferenced by someone else facility is also provided to improve the accuracy. In the georeferencing interface, one can carry out the operation with the aid of modern map displayed side-by-side in the window. Georeferencing is just a matter of assigning/improving the placement of control points. Cropping the map is also possible. The system is also capable of generating KML metadata which in turn facilitates viewing the map in Google Earth. Output can even be served via WMS Services.

Currently the utility is in Beta stage and improvements are being visualized.

Homepage: http://www.georeferencer.org/
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