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Check out the new Ubuntu 11.04

I am a full-time user of Ubuntu, world's most popular free operating system. I run GRASS GIS and Quantum GIS on my Ubuntu. April 28 is a memorable day for Ubuntu users as it marked the debut of new Unity interface which is a boon to usability. Unity has redefined the Linux Desktop and I laud the efforts of Canonical for taking the revolutionary decision to implement a new desktop environment. I am sure this decision will take Ubuntu a long way.
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Writing about the new Unity environment, Unity sports a new launcher which facilitates launching applications, keeping track of open applications, switching between them etc. Clicking on the Ubuntu logo at the top left corner brings up the new dash which neatly categorizes applications (shows installed/suitable to download and install applications) and provides the facility to search for applications, files and folders. Workspaces is one big advantage of Linux which facilitates working with several windows and applications effectively. A workspace icon in the launcher pops up the workspaces where one can seamlessly switch between them or move the open applications from one workspace to another. 

There are many more advantages of the new Ubuntu. I strongly suggest you to give a try. For the first time in computing history one can try the Operating System before downloading! Thanks to Ubuntu's cloud which has made it possible. But for the ultimate experience Download the new Ubuntu.

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