Friday, March 11, 2011

Coalition to Save Our GPS

GPS which is plays a key role in the lives of  people across the world and is a driving force of significant number of nations worldwide is under a major threat. The backbone of GPS, i.e, the viability of GPS signal itself stands threatened. All this is expected because of introduction of 4G Wireless Service. The company Lightsquared in question was permitted to offer wireless broadband services in the US. Problems are expected due to Lightsquare's use of L-band frequencies near GPS's operating spectrum. Widespread GPS jamming is anticipated in US due to usage of 40,000 transmission towers for 4G services which in turn would render much weaker GPS signals useless. Irony is that citizens need both broadband and GPS! No one can fore go one for the other.

This has raised widespread concerns among largest corporations in GPS industry as well as others along with ordinary citizens. Therefore, Coalition to Save Our GPS has been setup with a motto - Uniting to Protect GPS - A National Utility for More than 30 Years. This coalition has industry biggies as members - Trimble, OmniSTAR, Garmin, Deere & Company to name a few. Lot of work is going on under this coalition. White papers are published, studies conducted, filings are made before FCC and so on. A free GPS ebook is also provided to raise awareness in this regard.

Coalition to Save Our GPS.