Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Agricultural Statistics using Remote Sensing

In India, an expert committee under the chairmanship of Prof. Vaidyanathan has recommended use of Remote Sensing for improving the agricultural statistics scenario in the country. The committee has observed in its interim report that Remote sensing has the potential to collect primary data on land use and crop area data at a high level of spatial disaggregation. Thus it is said that use of remote sensing could significantly reduce (a) reliance on direct plot by plot inspection for area estimation and/or using it to check the accuracy of primary agency records and (b) help ensure that supervisors of the sub sample are present at the time actual harvest. (At present, given the wide variation in timing of harvests of particular crops in a given season, getting correct information on the date of harvest of different crops in selected sub-sample plots and ensuring that the supervisors are actually present to check that CCEs (Crop Cutting Experiments) are properly carried out presents a daunting and difficult task).

It is a significant report in terms of modernization of data collection approaches in India. An interim report is already submitted and the final report is expected to be submitted in December 2010.
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