Monday, September 6, 2010

Starting Today - FOSS4G 2010 @ Barcelona

FOSS4G 2010Image by XuRxO via Flickr
Today is an important day again for open source geospatial software enthusiasts of the world. Its because the "Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics Conference 2010" will begin today.

The Conference Program contents are very impressive.
Some abstracts which impressed me are:
  1. Using Open Source Software in GIS Training and Education
  2. Mobile Augmented Reality using FOSS
  3. A comparison of GIS mobile applications
  4. Building a New Generation of Sensor Web Implementations for Hydrology
  5. Why Schools must use FOSS4G
  6. T-02: PyWPS a tutorial for beginners and developers 
  7. Enhancing the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) with Open Source Software
  8. Flexible, Open, Free: The New OGC WCS 2.0 and its Reference Implementation
  9. A FOSS4G model to estimate forest exploitation methods and biomass availability for renewable energy production
  10. GeoServer cartographic rendering: new features for map makers
  11. FOS GIS and FOS simulation: Free open source analysis and simulation of housing markets
  12. Natural Earth – Free World Base Map
  13. The World Meteorological Oganization Information System
  14. T-08: How to generate billions of tiles using distributed cloud-computing
  15. Implementing INSPIRE with FOSS4G: a Success Story
  16. Tuning Principal Component Analysis for GRASS GIS on Multicore and GPU Architectures
  17. Real-time position analysis during soccer matches
  18. Moving from Oracle/ArcGIS to PostGresql/PostGIS
  19. Comparison of Open Source Virtual Globes
  20. OpenAddresses - geocoded addresses worldwide free and open
  21. A WebGIS application to monitor Road Trafic
  22. Open-source Earthquake and Hydrodynamic Modelling
  23. Hybrid Cloud Computing for FOSS4G
More about the conference program details can be found at

For instant updates about the conference follow FOSS4G on twitter -

As a student of GIS and an open source Geospatial software enthusiast I wish the conference a grand success.
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