Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - Kang-Tsung Chang

This time I have decided to write something new. Its a book review now.

In this post I am writing about the book, "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems", fourth edition by Kang-tsung Chang. I have used this book as my reference book throughout my first year of M.Tech study. The book covers each and every aspect of GIS in great detail and in a very sequential manner. The author's simple way of explaining the concepts impressed me a lot.

Whatever be the topic you want to understand in the GIS domain, its a good book to begin with. The book explains almost everything. Coordinate systems are explained in the beginning followed by georelational and object-based vector data models. Topics like data input, attribute data input and management are dealt in great detail. The chapters which I liked the most were terrain mapping and analysis, and geocoding and dynamic segmentation.

The most useful feature of the book is the Application Exercises. The book includes application exercises at the end of each chapter. The author has very carefully selected the required datasets and has very well explained the way in which each operation is to be carried out using ArcGIS. The datasets are given in the form of a CD along with the book for free. Along with the datasets, the CD contains a html file containing all the hyperlinks to the websites referenced throughout the book. The best part again is, these web-links are given in a chapterwise manner.

I personally feel that if anyone is interested in learning GIS from the scratch, consider this book to learn the concepts. If you can solve all those application exercises using ArcGIS, I think you will be in a position to move forward in the GIS world.

Have a look at the book on Google Books(Limited Preview):