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Cutting edge GIS Software – AvisMap Deskpro

In my earlier article I had mentioned about AvisMap Deskpro demonstration at our college. I will try to give an exposure to the noteworthy features of the software package.

The software has a simple-to-use interface which will enable one to learn to use it effectively at a faster rate. The software like any other GIS Software has common functionalities to edit, query and process the spatial data. It also includes advanced capabilities like 3D modeling and ability to connect to large-scale spatial databases. According to the company website ( it can be used in land management, forestry, electric power, telecom, traffic, city pipe network, resource management, environmental analysis, tourism, irrigation, aeronautics, military, and other fields that require map processing.

We were demonstrated the ability of the software to import data in a wide variety of formats – CAD, GIS, image, attribute. It was also mentioned that the software had excellent CAD capabilities. The company believes that CAD and GIS share same industrial domain. As the inspiration for the software is derived from CAD software some of the CAD tools are wisely incorporated in the package. Notable ones are the snapping support and advanced drawing tools. The feature most of us liked was the map generation. The process was so simple and fast that it took almost no time to add basic map details like legend, north arrow, gridlines, latitude/longitude information etc. More details about the functionalities of the software can be obtained from in the form of product overview (Microsoft Powerpoint presentation), tutorial, sample projects and developer reference.

I personally liked the company website too. The pricing and licensing policy of the package are displayed in the company website for different user categories ( This certainly is not the case with others in the software industry. Most of them want to be contacted via proper channel that is through their distributor or via email. They send replies only to prospective customers and not to curious people, say students who are future GIS Professionals.
The software is also available for download at Not only the software, but also sample project and sample data are available here. It supports all Windows operating systems from Windows NT to Windows 7. On the server side it supports Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later.

Company Blog:

Company contact:
Support/Bug Report:

Company Address:
Rm 903, Building 2, Huihuang International Plaza, Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing, PRC.China. 100085
Telphone: +86-10-5971-3169
Fax: +86-10-5971-3169


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